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MFA   2012   Expanded Media   University of Kansas

BFA   2007   Drawing          Northern Illinois University (cum laude)


Work History

2015-2016  Sculptor and Design Associate, NatureMaker Inc., Carlsbad, CA

             *  Tree sculptor 

2014-2015  Handyman at Renovation Innovation, Raleigh/Durham, NC

​             *  Remodling houses, basic construction.

2015       Created diorama for Fagen Fighter's WWII Museum, Granite Falls, MN

             *  Hand carved a coral reef environment with foam, epoxy,                                 and concrete.

             *  Responsible for design, construction, and completion of the 3-D                       elements.                        

             *  Project duration 4 1/2 weeks.       

2013-2014  Imagery Specialist, Bass Pro Shops

             *  Worked on a traveling team responsible for the creation and design 

                of the interior of the Bass Pro Outdoor World stores.

             *  Sculpted, carved, and painted foam and epoxy to create numerous nature

                dioramas. Including rocks, trees, dirt banks, snow, and one glacier.

             *  Communicated closely with the Imagery Manager, other Imagery 

                Specialists, contractors, and muralists in the development and 

                completion of ongoing dioramas.

             *  Harvested branches, grasses, and deadfall for diorama installation.

             *  Installation of flora and fauna.

             *  Operation of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and various power tools.

             *  Contracted through Bass Pro to work on the Wonders of Wildlife                         Museum's shipwreck scene, which included mold making and hand carving

                various coral, barnacles, and giant clams.

             *  Worked on the NRA History of Firearms Museum in the Springfield, MO                   location.

             *  Responsible for maintaining and purchasing supply list.

             *  Learned what it was like to work in a fast paced environment and to                   do whatever it takes to meet store opening deadlines. 

2009-2012  Laborer for Horticulture and Landscaping Division, City of Lawrence, KS

             *  Planted and cared for trees, bushes, and flower gardens.

             *  Gained an understanding on the nature of plant growth.

2012       Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas, Installation Art

             *  Aided the instructor in running certain projects.

             *  Helped students learn editing software, composition of installations,                 and lighting.

2011-2012  Expanded Media Lab Assistant at the University of Kansas

             *  Problem solver with video and sound editing software and devices.

             *  Managed equipment checkout.

2011       Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas, Drawing II

             *  Taught a stop-animation project.

             *  Photographing work.

             *  Aid in drawing techniques and critiques.

2008       Park Maintenance in DeKalb Park District, IL

             *  Planted and cared for flower gardens, trees. 

2007       Art Apprentice at Golan-Liberman Contemporary Art, Rockford, IL

             *  Learned activities that run a gallery (media-public relations, 

                installation of art, cataloging work). 

1998-2004  Tree Farmer at Sinnissippi Forest Inc, Oregon, IL

             *  Shearing trees, painting trees, pruning trees. 

             *  Operating tractors and trailers.

             *  Customer service.

             *  Learned the nature of tree growth and their basic anatomy.  



Solo exhibitions

2015  Creature Feature  Roundabout Art Collective  Raleigh, NC

2012  In Bloom          Teller's                   Lawrence, KS

2012  Microcosmical     Art and Design Gallery     Lawrence, KS

2007  Life Allusions    Pleasant St Galleries      DeKalb, IL

Group exhibitions 

2015  Group Show                      Carteret Contemporary Art    Morehead City, NC

2014  100 Under 1000                  Lee Hansley Gallery          Raleigh, NC

2014  To: From:                       Visual Art Exchange          Raleigh, NC

2011  Akasa Vajrapani                 SEAMUS National Conference   Miami, FL

2011  Installation Group Exhibition   Art and Design Gallery       Lawrence, KS

2010  Akasa Vajrapani                 Lied Center                  Lawrence, KS

2010  Sweethearts of the Studio       Art and Design Gallery       Lawrence, KS

2010  Nature's Matrix                 Spooner Hall                 Lawrence, KS

2009  Scholarship Exhibition          Art and Design Gallery       Lawrence, KS

2009  Prairie Fire                    Red Pearl Gallery            Kansas City, MO

2008  Group Show                      Roy Boyd Gallery             Chicago, IL

2008  The Artist Project              Merchandise Mart             Chicago, IL

2008  12" x 12"                       The Art Center               Highland Park, IL

2008  Polish Connection               Nehring Center               DeKalb, IL

2008  In Our Defense                  Rising Sun Studios           DeKalb, IL

2007  BFA Show                        Jack Olson Gallery           DeKalb, IL

2007  Art School Confidential         33 Collective Gallery        Chicago, IL

2007  Art Battle/Fall Art Fiasco      NIU Campus                   DeKalb, IL

                       1st place

2007  Ground Up                       Shoe String Gallery          DeKalb, IL

2007  Ars Nova Student Exhibition     Jack Olson Gallery           DeKalb, IL

      Juried by Cam Choy, 2nd place

2007  NIU Group Show                  Fine Arts Academy            Katowice, Poland

2006  Grassroots                      Bluedoor Gallery             DeKalb, IL

2006  Ars Nova Student Exhibition     Jack Olson Gallery           DeKalb, IL 

      Juried by Roger Shimomura


     Nathan Hoffman's work grows from a reverence to the landscape and the notion of creation. The endless textures, fractals, and colors of the earth continue to inspire him. The process he works with is just as much in tune with how the outside world is created and transformed; by water, pressure, heat, chance, repetition, and time. 

    After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2012 with his MFA, Nathan worked as an Imagery Specialist for Bass Pro Shops travelling from New York to Colorado to Alaska building large scale nature dioramas. It was an opportunity to build things much larger than he ever had before, and an opportunity to expand his knowledge of materials and construction. Since 2015 Nathan has been sculpting full size trees for NatureMaker Inc. He has lived in northern IL for most of his life, as well as Lawrence, KS, Springfield, MO, Tucson, AZ, Raleigh, NC, and now lives in Southern California. 


Nathan Hoffman


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